2020 Family Matters Immersion Program

Applications for 2020 Family Matters will be available September 1st!

What is Family Matters?

The Family Matters Immersion Program is an annual offering that takes place over several weekend-long sessions throughout the year. Designed by Lisa Iversen, the program is for those called to dive deeply into the knowing field, made especially visible by Systemic Family Constellations, with Lisa as their guide. This program offers an experiential path to ancestral support and blessing for living, loving, and working in greater balance of giving, receiving, and belonging in personal and professional life.

Who is this program for?

The Family Matters Immersion Program is beneficial for:

  • all those seeking integration of knowledge inspired by Systemic Family Constellations into their lives and practices;
  • healing arts practitioners;
  • aspiring and seasoned constellation practitioners;
  • personal & organizational coaches, artists, writers, teachers, and historians;
  • those ready to access the wellness and resource of family and ancestry;
  • retirees seeking clarity and harmony; and
  • those ready for greater embodiment, connection, freedom, and humility.

To be appropriately prepared for this program, applications should have participated in at least three constellation workshops or individual sessions, have emotional maturity and “good enough” personal and life stability, and the ability to commit to the fullness of this learning program.

Note: Participants may be interviewed for rightness of fit in the program.

Program Structure

The program takes place over several weekend-long sessions. Structure and details for the 2020 program TBA.