BOB (Belonging, Order, Balance) and BART (Boundaries, Authority, Roles, Task) point to foundational principles operating in family and organizational systems, respectively. Lisa and Kate came to see the interplays of these principles through their deep grounding in systemic constellations and group relations work.

It is often difficult to acknowledge that our workplaces and organizations reflect, in part, the invisible truths of our families. BOB and BART are maps (tools) to help us make visible and navigate these human dynamics successfully.

Power without love can easly lead us, and our organizations, astray. When we bring love into our work we also bring power. Our original source of power is the life we receive from our parents, family, and the generations that precede us.

Seeing, naming and learning to work in, through and beyond the family and group dynamics that block, hinder or derail us, frees us for authentic leadership. It enables us to create and contribute to organizations that express brilliance, get things done, earn a profit, and make a difference.

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