Written by Lisa Iversen, MSW, LCSW
Published by Family Constellations West Publishing


This book contains Lisa Iversen’s reflections on psychotherapy, truth, ancestry, tribe, and democracy.

“Many people who seek therapy to heal their own pain also hope to heal wounded family networks. This hope contains the invisible, often unacknowledged truth that our lives are deeply affected by events that took place in earlier generations. 

“Individual struggles with grief, shame, guilt, perfectionism, and dysfunctional families mirror invisible collective experiences frozen in America’s soul.

“We are born into the silence passed from one generation to the next, but the truth asks to be seen, heard, and respected. Our heritage, our blood lineage…Cherokee, Scottish, Irish, Chinese, German, Mexican, Jewish, Nigerian, Kenyan, the unnamed, the unknown…they all matter.

“This book offers a compassionate framework for observing and interacting with life, inspired by our ancestral blueprints.”

– Lisa B. Iversen, MSW, LCSW

Preview the Book: Ancestral Blueprints

The first edition was published in 2009. The second edition is coming December 2020.