Photo credit, with gratitude: Alpine Club of Canada camp at Yoho Glacier, 1914. 
Byron Harmon from the collection of the Harmon family.

Whiteness Is Not An Ancestor:

An Embodied Conversation with the Internalized Colonizer

The Internalized Colonizer is a project of the Center for Ancestral Blueprints.
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This project explores and makes visible the ways in which colonialism lives in the individual and the collective. These events are highly experiential, using ceremony, systemic family constellations, facilitated conversation, ancestral prayer and meditation.

You are invited to join others to:

  • Disentangle the relationship between belonging, race, ancestry, and power
  • Reclaim belonging for all
  • Learn how the shadows of colonialism influence our livelihoods, families, work, health, economy, organizations, and communities
  • Recognize and shift patterns of taking what there is no right to take
  • Access ancestral strength to support us in facing the future on solid ground
  • Unleash creativity

Post-Colonial Healing: A Conversation with Lisa Iversen and Kate Regan

Internalized Colonizer Series 2014

Participants in this dialogue are asked:

  • Why are you here? What are your hopes, dreams, and prayers for our children and future generations regarding our work with the internalized colonizer and colonialism?
  • What would you say to invite others to join us in this work?
  • Who/what are partners/resources in this dialogue with the internalized colonizer? (organizations, books, movies, people, etc.)
  • Are there changes related to this work you have noticed between sessions?

Here’s what they had to say:

PDFs “Think Colonialism Doesn’t Imprint Your Life Today?” available below:

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