Over the last several months, I have been invited to teach in various teleconference seminars for women, such as the upcoming New Beginnings Summit for Women. Cindy Holbrook is host of this telesummit for divorced women; visit website, http://NewBeginningsSummit.com, to learn more. She is seasoned at helping women and passionate about helping them to love and accept themselves.

The divorce rates in United States are 45% for a first marriage and over 60% for a second marriage. Even if you don’t need support or guidance in this area, chances are you have a friend or family member dealing with divorce aftereffects. According to Cindy, “Many think these friends are fine and do not see the internal suffering that millions of women go through. Show them that you love them and care about them by forwarding this message to them. They will be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness.”Cindy continues, “The New Beginnings Telesummit was created to help divorced women find real answers to their concerns. They will feel loved and supported when listening to 12 magnificent women speakers who are leaders in their field. The best news is it’s totally free to listen!”

Here is a small sample of what you will learn from the speakers Cindy has invited:

  • How to claim your personal magnificence
  • How to use the law of attraction to create the life of your dreams
  • Easy and effective strategies for instantaneous inner peace (no matter what is interfering with it)
  • An easy system to manage your stress
  • How to recognize when you are playing out an invisible family pattern instead of your own life’s desires
  • How to avoid 14 dating traps by using the 10 principles of Conscious Dating
  • The most dangerous post-divorce parenting mistakes
  • How to avoid the top money mistakes women make when getting divorced

Register now at New Beginnings Summit; space is limited. The first interview will be on May 15th; my interview with Cindy, “Ancestral Blueprints Wisdom for Women,” is Monday, May 21, 11am PST.

There are live dial-in calls, live webcasts and replays, so there are several ways to listen and experience freedom, healing and love.

New Beginnings Summit for Women
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