“She was a crone in action.”

This phrase was used by Celeste Morgan in yesterday’s “Life Conversations presents Ancestral Blueprints” Radio Show” show.

I began to reflect on the many crones in action in our midst and in our ancestries, many of whom are invisible. How might our families, our political processes, our workplaces, our schools, be different if the crones were visible? Who are the crones in our ancestries waiting to be seen? Who are the crones in your daily life waiting to be acknowledged?

Tune into minute 64:00 of the show (click on the above link) to experience how the visibility of a crone in action impacted my co-host, Ade Anifowose…and here’s to the following offerings:

First Monday of the Month Introduction to Systemic Family Constellations
Monday, July 2  | Fairhaven Library in Bellingham | 7-9pm
Suggested Fee: $10-25 for representing/witnessing; $40 for setting up constellation
Reservations for setting up constellations accepted at famconwest@yahoo.com. All are welcome.

July 27-28. Friday night/Saturday. Denver, Colorado.

Save the dates & details to follow for these offerings:

August 11. Bellingham, WA. One day Saturday constellation circle with support from Family Matters Learning Partners.

August 25. Vancouver, B.C. One day Saturday constellation circle.

Here’s to the strength and wisdom from all of our ancestries,


She Was A Crone In Action