Some drawn to the Family Matters: Learning Program with Lisa & Systemic Family Constellations in 2012 learning program are already facilitating or integrating Systemic Family Constellations (SFC) into their worklives, others have experienced this approach enough to know that the next step is studying with a seasoned teacher, perhaps without yet knowing what or how it would look to integrate it into their worklives. Allowing the space of “not knowing” is an essential, though sometimes uncomfortable, place. How it is that one lives with this place is highly informative, both personally and if you are interested in integrating SFC into your worklife.

Discernment of one’s relationship with the “not knowing” place is one of the learnings offered in this program. When is “not knowing” the right place to be in, in one’s life, or when facilitating a constellation, a kind of “hollow bone” place to be as a vessel for truth to be revealed? When is “not knowing” a kind of denial of what one does know, an alliance with truth unseen or secrets, or a way of resistance to claiming one’s gifts or knowledge — which is sometimes entangled with ancestors who were not free to express their own knowingness?

This yearlong program is a place for you to come into right relationship with these different kinds of “not knowing” with the intention that you will see yourself and others more clearly, including how SFC fits into your personal and work life.  To learn more, visit Family Constellations West.

The “Not Knowing” Place

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