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“Why Does My Boss (or colleague, direct report, client…) Sound Like My Mom (or dad, brother, sister…)?”

A BOB+BART Experiential Lab January 30 & 31, 2016 | Bellevue, WA

Design, Methodology, and Registration

It all begins and ends in 14 hours.

In this experiential learning laboratory, participants will engage in the creation of a 14 Hour Temporary Learning Organization.

They will be able to study and openly explore what emerges in the “here and now” as a means of accessing and understanding the ways in which unconscious dynamics in groups, organizations, and whole systems impact their ability to carry out the task, negotiate across boundaries, and experience the multifaceted nature of authority.

This event provides direct experience of, and reflection on, action and reaction in the context of a temporary organization led by women. Both those who register as participants, and those appointed as staff, work together in different roles to examine the living system they create as they convene and inhabit the structure of this learning lab.

There is no other opportunity like this to explore how and when you will authorize others or take up leadership, the style you will use, how effective or ineffective it will be, or to get feedback on the methods you employ.

The design of this event is influenced by the Tavistock tradition for the study of groups and social systems, National Training Laboratory (NTL) methods, The Grubb Institute’s person, role and system model, and Systemic Family Constellations.

Participants should be advised that experiential learning could prove more stressful than traditional lecture methods. Appropriate consideration should be taken before agreeing to participate.

Visit www.bobandbart.com for details.

Why Does My Boss Sound Like My Mom?