“I’m feeling it more and more — that it’s more important to be authentic than it is to be perfect,” said Ade Anifowose.  These are the kind of soulful comments I’m blessed to hear from Ade when we are preparing for our monthly radio show “Life Conversations presents Ancestral Blueprints” on the last Wednesday of the month at 11am PST.

To be authentic in American culture can be no small task, where image is often valued over real.  The trance of pretending and perfection tells us that being authentic is too scary, not pretty or handsome enough, and won’t pay the bills.

When we notice that we are being inauthentic or trying to be perfect, we are often in blind resonance with ancestors or learned ways of coping with unacknowledged truth.  What’s driving our inner experience of life is often in more connection with our ancestral landscapes than what our minds can track.

We have the best chance of living authentically when we are able to acknowledge and honor who and where we come from — trusting that whatever way in which we are in relationship with our ancestral blueprints is its own divine perfection.

I look forward to replying to your comments.

All are welcome.

Authentic instead of perfect
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