I’m a fan of anyone who blends truth with humor — for example, Sarah Vowell. Sarah is an American author, journalist, essayist and social commentator and has written five nonfiction books on American history and culture.

Her recent interview with Jon Stewart reminded me of how I felt while writing Ancestral Blueprints: Revealing Invisible Truths in America’s Soul .  While writing I found myself repeatedly feeling embarrassed about all that I didn’t know about U.S. history.  Then I got it:  amnesia has been woven into our nation’s (and perhaps our human family’s) blueprint since its inception.

From my perspective, acknowledging history and its complexity requires consciousness and wisdom that respects how deeply the human experience is influenced by invisible principles operating in the soul — laws that govern principles of belonging, giving and taking, injustice, and atonement.

Here’s to the following five minute U.S. history lesson with Sarah on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

…and here’s to all of us nurturing wisdom, compassion, and humor during this transformative time in global and American history.


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U.S. history lesson with Sarah Vowell

2 thoughts on “U.S. history lesson with Sarah Vowell

  • March 29, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    In addition to Ms. Vowell, I highly recommend Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” and “Founding Brothers” by Joseph Ellis.

    Amnesia serves a purpose: it too belong.

    • March 29, 2011 at 4:04 pm

      Thanks, Robin. Both great books. Here’s to both amnesia and remembering knowing where they belong.


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