Una O’Connell and I are both mothers and constellation facilitators, she in the U.K., me in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.

We first met at Germany’s first international training for constellation facilitators (at ZIST) with Bert Hellinger and many of the first generation European constellation teachers in 2001.

Fast forward to 2014. Without knowing the other had done so, we each named one of our constellation offerings, “Family Matters”. For many in the business world, this sameness of name would catalyze conflict around branding, trademarks, and the like. For us, it was a happy, synchronistic fate: our lives and work are guided by mothers’ hearts whose greatest interest is in what benefits children.

So when I learned about the work she has been so creatively doing integrating constellations with adults who work with and care about children, I said, “I want to bring you and your work to the U.S.!”

And when Una learned about the “Embodied Conversation with the Internalized Colonizer Series” I have been convening with my friend and colleague Kate Regan (see details below), she said, “I want to come to it!”

Una and I have been in rich, truth-filled conversation about the constellation field, colonialism, family, history, what it’s like to be a constellation facilitator and mother, and much more. Some of this conversation belongs to us, privately, as two women, friends, and colleagues. Some of it represents what belongs to the larger field of our human family as well as the systemic family constellation field. Time will tell what belongs to whom and where. I invite you to join us in the discernment in all that we know and don’t know, with remembrance that we all belong.

Una lives near London, England — next week is a rare opportunity to experience her work. These offerings are relevant for constellation facilitators, parents, teachers, and all those who care about children. Details in sidebar to the right.

To learn more about Una, visit her website at www.unaoconnell.co.uk.

Una O’Connell

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