Each Family Matters 2012 Learning Partner completed the 2012 program, and each has committed to a second year of deepening learning with this same circle and my guidance.

During a day of ceremony and receiving their Certificates of Completion in December 0f 2012, this group both received the invitation expressed below and then extended an invitation to the new Family Matters 2013 group now forming.

What a deep blessing it is to be steeped in collective wisdom.  With gratitude,


Family Matters: Invitation to Year Two in 2013


The invitation is to move more deeply into one’s place of belonging in her ancestry. And to receive the support and the blessing and the wisdom from her ancestors so she can live with more freedom and clarity and belonging and strength as the woman that she is.

The second invitation is for those who desire to facilitate constellations in group or in individual practice.  To have a place to practice this art with the guidance and the mentorship from Lisa and from the full circle; as a place to shadow Lisa and to be supported when one facilitates.

The third invitation is about the relationship between art and ancestry. That creative expression as an artist in any way, whether this is with jewelry, with writing, with cooking, in all the different ways that creative expression wants to be seen in one’s ancestry and in one’s own life, there is a place for that to be made more visible and claimed.

The fourth is an invitation for the method of the constellation work and connection that it provides with one’s ancestry, how through these, through the constellation method, how it connects us with our ancestry to be more free in our workplaces, whatever these are, and in our own lives in whatever way this call is received, the unique way that wants to flow.  Connection with one’s ancestry wants to be expressed in unique ways for each woman in this circle, whether that is as a reiki healer, a shamanic practitioner, a therapist, in an office setting, wherever she works, with groups and with individuals.

And the fifth is about relationship between this group and the new Family Matters 2013 group forming, that there is a mentorship, a blessing, a guidance from this circle that wants to be passed on to the next group. And that there is a balance of giving and receiving that wants to take place; that there are gifts from the new group forming that also want to be passed on here.

This sixth stone represents the invitation for next years’ program of this circle to bring consciousness around the  teacher/student, teacher/trainee/mentorship relationship — that we bring consciousness and visibility about what wants to be seen so that all of us in this circle can be seen clearly in places of belonging and freedom.  And the structure of relationship between this circle and the next circle forming can be a good one.

And then this last stone represents what I spoke to on Friday, about the invitation for shadow of women’s relationship with other women moving into their power, the invitation to let shadow energy that gets activated in the circle with one another be an invitation to become in clear alignment with one’s ancestors.  That it doesn’t get acted out here with one another, it leads us to connection with who and where we come from.                                                             ~~~ Lisa Iversen

Invitation to “Family Matters: Learning with Lisa and Systemic Family Constellations in 2013” from Family Matters Learning Partners 2012
Join us…
Making the souls’ truth visible…
An invitation to listen deeply with an open heart…and
Welcome to the world of deep, deep knowing.  The knowing field where you cannot resist the song of your heart, the one call of your one true authentic soul.  Shine brightly like a diamond, embrace the darkness.  You are love and connected to soul.
Let go of the attachment to outcome.  Suspend judgement…
Showering in truth and beauty…
Prayer…entering timelessness…Kairos.
A treasure trove of new awareness…
Crossing the water…
Expect to be altered…
Honoring, recognizing, and sharing deep gifts.
It’s just right….we all belong.

Family Matters: Advanced Group/Year Two Weekend Dates for 2013

February 22-24
April 12-14
June 7-9
August 9-11
September 27-29
November 22-24