I will be returning to Atlanta, Georgia, to lead ancestral blueprint circles this September 22-25, where I’ve been doing so with systemic family constellations since 2005.  Visit Family Constellations West for schedule of offerings.

I find that many with whom I work here in the Pacific Northwest have ancestors with southern roots.  In both regions,  conversations and ancestral circles about often untalked about family histories, like ancestors who enslaved or were enslaved; a mother who dies in childbirth; a grandfather who never came back home from war; an aunt disowned for marrying outside of her tribe; frozen grief over disconnection from European tribes…these are just a few of the images from the family soul that surface during these conversations and circles.

The video of interviews with constellation workshop participants below was filmed by Atlanta-based Adé Anifowose, co-founder of Life Conversations Radio, and co-host of our monthly “Ancestral Blueprints Radio Show”:

With gratitude to and for all of our ancestors,

Return to Atlanta: September 22-25, 2011

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