Ten years ago, I began offering a twice monthly introduction to systemic family constellations in my local community.  After the first year, I switched to a once a month circle offering. I love these circles. After leading hundreds of them, I never tire of them.  I write a bit about these offerings in Ancestral Blueprints:

Each of these introductory sessions is both unique and the same.  I never know who or who many people will be there or what life issues will be revealed.  Yet each evening a group of people comes together, many of whom are strangers to one another, and by the end of the evening, there is a silence, a stillness, where pictures of family life, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, grandparents and grandchildren, reveal how much we have in common.

Each person participates in a movement of giving and receiving in the circle while in resonance with invisible images from their own ancestry that are important for others in the circle.  This same person will see pictures from the heritage of other participants that they also have been missing, imges from the ancestral soul which have been waiting to come into visibility.

The most commonly reported experiences from these circles are feelings of compassion for self, others, and the human experience.  Many also express feelings of relief, reconciliation, understanding, freedom, clarity, and greater belonging.

Here’s to all of us and our relations living freely from our places of belonging in the web of creation, and may the circle be unbroken for all.

May the circle be unbroken

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