Lisa’s Top 10 List of Unacknowledged Truths is America’s Soul:

  1. Life flows through the generations like a waterfall. Trying to change the suffering of the past is like trying to push water uphill: it depletes life force. We need each other to remember how to receive life.
  2. We have so much in common: we are all daughter or son, granddaughter or grandson, descendants with ancestors, future ancestors. We are stewards of the web.
  3. Debilitating self-reliance is the shadow side of the independent, individual American.
  4. The U.S. was created out of disconnection from family.
  5. Individual shame, guilt, and perfectionism are in resonance with unclaimed collective shadows in the American soul.
  6. Psychotherapy is not a replacement for ancestors.
  7. “Whiteness” is not an ancestor.
  8. Embedded in the American soul are frozen trauma bonds.
  9. We are not as original as our egos or the American story would like us to believe.
  10. Love made visible reminds us: we all belong.

We are all entangled in some way with the unclaimed images of America’s soul.  Now is the time to  remember that the U.S. would not exist without: 1. nature; 2. immigrants and their home countries; 3. indigenous (Native) Americans; and 4. African ancestors who were enslaved. Embracing our collective American shadows, embodying unacknowledged truths, creates solid foundation for our children and democracy in its highest form.

We are the descendants who have inherited history: the task, blessing, and privilege of reconciliation with truth belongs to all of us. Our children and mother earth inspire us to remember: we all belong.