Residential Retreat
sponsored by the Center for Ancestral Blueprints

Dates: November 17-19, 2017

Time: Friday noon till Sunday noon

Location:  Aldermarsh Retreat Center, South Whidbey Island, WA

Guide: Lisa Iversen

Fee: $450 before October 15, $525 after October 15. $150 deposit required.

Payments accepted by check, cash, or credit card.

Includes: Lodging, nourishing meals & retreat fees. For those lodging offsite – $50 fee reduction.

Contact host Julie Pigott at (360) 632-9390 or to register.

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Our Invitation…

How might we welcome the profound opportunities  presented to us by the outcome and unfolding aftermath of the 2016 United States Presidential Election?

Doing so requires willingness to shift from identification with goodness, innocence, guilt, political affiliation, and more … to strengthening our capacity for receiving life fully as daughters and sons while being present to and acknowledging what is.

Our current president was elected in the context of all that has come before us. He is doing a fabulous job representing the roles of colonizer, slaveholder, perpetrator, and more, challenging us to acknowledge the historic traumas of our country in an unprecedented way.

— Lisa Iversen, Founder of the Center for Ancestral Blueprints

With embodied guidance, ceremony, practical wisdom, constellations, experiential dialogue and ancestral prayers, this weekend invites you to be with yourself, family, ancestors, and others, in a nature based setting where we are supportively reminded that our human family is, in fact, nature itself. It is an opportunity to spend 48 hours in a Pacific Northwest residential retreat setting, to be well cared for with good food and on-site accommodations, acknowledging truths that promote reconciliation within the self, family, ancestry, country, and in the collective.

This retreat is especially relevant for those:

  • ready to move beyond identification with goodness, innocence, guilt, and morality
  • seeking ways to be strengthened by the human experience and American landscape as individuals and a collective
  • eager to disentangle the relationship between belonging, race, ancestry, power, gender, “otherness,” politics, and democracy
  • desiring to acknowledge fields of injustice in ways that promote restoration of belonging, order, and balance
  • women and men seeking greater collaboration and shared responsibility in family life and as Americans
  • new and seasoned in the constellation field
  • who are healing arts professionals, desiring greater consciousness, and/or future ancestors: yep, that’s all of us ~ we’re all in it together!

Experience with systemic family constellations. “Good enough” personal and life stability. Emotional maturity. Practiced in selfcare.If you sense rightness of fit for this gathering, yet are without experience with constellations, Lisa welcomes inquiries at for further discernment about participation.

What better way to honor our ancestors than to respect their fates with prayers of gratitude for passing life on. With gratitude, we welcome visibility of all that is, deepening our individual and collective humility. Humanness abounds: here’s to blessing those who come after us by receiving life fully from those who have passed life on to us.

— Lisa