All warm wishes to you and yours as we transition together into the new year.

The Family Matters 2015 circle is coming together, and I feel clear in my task: to be present, invite, convene, and welcome each one as the group forms. Here’s to remembering the unwavering truth deep in the ancestral soul that knows how much we need each other to remember our place as daughter, son, grandchild, wife, husband, partner, mother, father, and more.

What a blessing to be with others on the journey to show us how deeply we love. And the irreplaceable clarity and humility that comes from knowing where we belong in our ancestral blueprints are foundational for facilitating constellations and integrating knowledge from this field into one’s worklife.

January 15, 2015, is the deadline for applying.  

Email to request an application for

Family Matters: Learning with Lisa and Systemic Family Constellations in 2015.

Visit Family Matters 2015 for more details about this yearlong immersion program.

Family Matters 2015