Making Love Visible:
For Singles and Couples
Sunday, March 19, 2017  ~~  9am – 6pm

Sustainable Living Center  ~~  Bellingham, WA

  • Through whose eyes are you looking when you look at your partner, spouse, marriage, partnership? Your mother’s, father’s, grandmother’s or grandfather’s, your own?
  • Can you sense your parents supportively behind you, blessing you to see your partner clearly when you look at her/him, or are you looking for your mother or father in your partner?
  • How do you look at your partner’s parents? With gratitude? Judgement? Resentment? Envy? Respect?
  • If you are single and prefer not to be, is there anyone in your family or ancestry who had difficulty in or loss of relationships with whom you may be in resonance?
  • Is there a place in your heart for your previous loves, fiances’, spouses? Can you acknowledge the place in your partner’s heart for their previous loves?

This one day retreat invites couples and individuals to experience how unseen family loyalties influence partnership and/or marriage and to shift from blind to awake love. While this is an ideal setting for couples to access ancestral insight, blessing, and accelerated wisdom, individuals seeking guidance for their experience of partnership are invited and welcomed. 

Fee: $150 individuals. $300 couples.
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Making Love Visible Couples Retreat
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